About Us

Our company got a start in business in 2004 in Konya with the production of pneumatic machines and equipment, primarily with a service mentality. In a rapidly growing market, our company has succeeded in being an institution that provides excellent service to its target market with its structure that does not compromise on quality, raw materials, clean workmanship, and with its honest service approach, as a company that fully responds to customer expectations in order to be the best in the market in its field by continuously expanding its field of activity at home and abroad. Our company, which makes customer-oriented production, offers quality to our customers by combining our experience in our field of activity with our experienced, qualified, and dynamic staff. We are proud to be a partner in the great effort of our customers, who contributes labor and value to our country's lands with our production in EU standards. We are happy to say that we are also involved in developing our country with our exports to many European countries in addition to the service we provide to our customers in our country. We combine quality and customer satisfaction with our production policy that responds to customer needs and expectations. While we have confidence in our product with a 2-year guarantee, we always prefer to be with our valued customers with the service guarantee we apply to our products. Our company, which carries on its activities without compromising its honest and reliable working principle, continues its quality production policy by taking advantage of the innovations brought by technology. As a company that represents quality in its sector with its principle of quality and its professional team, it has aimed to provide the best service to the customer.