Big Bag Unloading

It is used to empty the product in the Big Bag automatically and easily. Big Bag unloading system is available in various designs according to the product and application. Big Bag unloading system features Carrier demounted steel platform, crane console 2m, forklift console, four-way monorail crane, big bag lifting suspension apparatus with hook, big bag sitting chassis vibrating according to the product, piston bladed. Discharge hopper, big bag mouth lock apparatus, screw conveyor as product transfer systems, vacuum system, cell wheel, flap and pneumatic conveying system, this system allows the product to be transferred to one or more places, between floors, to long distances.

If the product is dusty and dusty, a filter system is added. Dosing system, control display panel, load-cell and product information receiving equipment are added upon request and need. Big bag unloading working method: Big Bag is lifted by a monorail crane and brought to the unloading platform and placed on the big bag seating chassis. The connected mouth of the big bag is placed on the mouth lock apparatus and untied, the product starts to transfer from the helix or pneumatic system, while vibration in the system, etc. connected products are activated and the unloading process takes place.